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  • 16:52 Listening to The Police's "Synchronicity" while Shawn plays Bedazzled 2 on the 360. Lots of packing getting done this long weekend. #
  • 16:58 Oops! I meant Bejeweled 2! Anyway, when not packing and organizing we have made sure to spend quality time together. Sad separation shortly. #
  • 17:45 @melantha71 I know! I removed her for now. Just until she gets it out of her system. A few were funny. But on the whole? Not THAT funny. ;-) #
  • 22:26 Spent today quietly packing or cuddling with Shawn. Had a nap that lasted a short time and left me confused. Tired still. Really out of it. #
  • 01:44 Every single thing feels too overwhelming. Put them together and the whole appears much greater than the sum of the individual stressors. #
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