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  • 15:45 I'm selling stuff now besides my swapping. I need the money for my hospital bills so please help by buying or swapping stuff when I list? #
  • 17:42 Home from my therapist. Went by so fast. Now to stay in bed & stop doing anything that can hurt me more. Pain at 7.5 currently. Ow. Sigh. #
  • 17:44 @languid: Feel free to come over and watch movies with me. I would enjoy your company & need somebody to make sure I don't do anything. #
  • 17:59 So beautiful! @slauriat's job just sent me a large bouquet of get well flowers. I feel honored & actual affection which makes me happy. #
  • 19:58 Tomorrow evening Comcast comes to install my faster Internet & that's a very good thing. Faster Netflix on my 360! Visitors welcome tonight. #
  • 00:56 @bridgetvoid : I don't know about masto. I know I have had a celiac test a couple of times but always w/a negative result. Thank you, btw <3 #
  • 00:57 @melantha71 : Yeah, basically I'm close enough to a serious illness that if my new pain symptom keeps up I'm going to have to doctor it a.m. #
  • 00:59 @melantha71 : About Kindle for my iPod Touch - I can't find books that are free. I've had more luck with Stanza & Wattpad. Any hints for me? #
  • 01:01 I've developed a new symptom & at this point I may have to see one of my doctors urgently tomorrow. Don't want to go back to the hospital. #
  • 01:07 Ok, definitely looking for a veggie roommate to split the house with me so I can stay put. It's a 3 bed/2 bath w/two dogs, & lots of space. #
  • 03:12 @weishaupt - I live in Oakland, CA. If you looked at the ad in the link you can see the cross-streets. Silly goose. You want to move here? #
  • 03:14 @melantha71 : Thank you for the link but none of those sites have access to my Kindle app; in fact one took me to Stanza when it downloaded. #
  • 09:03 @bridgetvoid : Considering how sick I currently feel & how much pain I'm in, I think I have to go see somebody today - I'll definitely ask! #
  • 09:10 Yesterday the pain worstened my insomnia & last night it woke me up again. Today I should see a Dr. due to my nausea & pain. Feeling fear. #
  • 10:08 Well the fear receded so I'm in pain & nauseous but tolerating it better. Popscicles & hot baths make my tummy a little quieter. Quiet home. #
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