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My Options:

I have a lot I need to figure out and very quickly:

1. Moving back to Austin would be good because I have a lot of fellow artists who are very supportive of me and my art. There are many more models and photographers who want to work with me.

2. Moving back to Austin would be bad for me due to a lack of medicinal marijuana and the fact my doctors there have not been as on top of things as they have here.

3. Staying in the large house if I can find a roommate would be good because there's room to sew and photograph, and there's the compost and organic garden out back.

4. Moving into a smaller unit would be good because it would save us money which we desperately need to do. The small one bedroom down the street is a little below my standards, however it's close to here which makes for an easier move.

5. The smartest and most financially what makes the most sense is for both of us to return there and live in seperate rooms as our separation continues, and then move back here together once we've sold the house. But even though financially that makes the most sense, I see Shawn putting his foot down first of all because of my health and secondly I see him saying no because he really wants major distance between us during the temporary separation.

6. So these are my viable options: to go to Austin by myself w/friends (one or two) moving in to help, moving in with Shawn to save on rent/mortgage, moving into a much smaller unit by myself w/a friend keeping an eye on me as necessary.

7. There's more, but this sums it up for now.

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