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I need to start bringing funds in someway and right now selling all my clothes I no longer fit in seems a good place to start.

This means that my corsets, my corset gowns, my PVC/rubber outfits & pieces, my skimpy stripper dresses, and more are available to buy. Vollers, AzAc Designs, Lip Service, etc.

They range from small to medium, from 6-10, from never worn to vintage. This will mean a metric ton of photos I will need to take, unless you have seen a particular outfit which I have been photographed in before gaining all of this weight. Then offer me a quote.

Paypal by verified members and confirmation necessary for secure & safe payment & a small fee included in the price to cover fees I get hit with. USPS Priority Shipping only.

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Im interested in any corsets and any Lip Service that will fit me. Have to see pics and prices of course, but I totally call dibs.
I just started going through and I have over two dozen pieces of clothing to sell that I will never fit in again and just have to let go of - no matter how sad it makes me.

I just started with my second Vollers corset - 22" and only worn for two photo shoots - never out to any clubs. I have a Tripp lace and pvc gown that starts under the breasts and is for use with a sexy bra/top that is a size Medium. I have a couple costumes that have not lost in value and have never been worn except to try them on - they even come in their original packaging. The first is my Racy Rag Doll.

You can see that this is going to take me a long time to get organized, but you of course can have first pick (well, you and Nicotine). Let me know what in particular you might like. You can see photos as they go up here. I'll try to make sure to put the prices on them as they go up as well.

I will have more photos to put up by later this evening of different outfits. But at least you can see the start of the process!


(Ps: Any item I sell is going toward my debts immediately since I have so many so the more I sell and the sooner I sell them, the better!)
I have a ton of small and medium Lip Service dresses and even some trousers (though I'm still adverse to selling those it's slowly dying as the weight stays with me thanks to the steroids). Let me know if there are any you want that you can offer me a fair price for. Send it via email so I can negotiate with you out of the public spotlight...http://cid-8919e1ed6079a75a.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Things%20I%20have%20for%20Sale/Modeling%20outfits%20for%20sale%20during%20my%20financial%20and%20health%20crisis/IMG^_7658.JPG <-- you can see the Lip Service tags on each of the dresses that are for sale on this page.