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  • 19:55 RT @neilhimself: It occurs to me that when you do it right twittering can be footnotes for life. [Funny how I already thought of it as so.] #
  • 19:57 @languid : Oh yeah? I dare you to come over & look at me nakie & still say that! Though if it's true I will feel incredibly thankful. Truly. #
  • 20:03 Considering the music my brain usually wakes me up w/& the crushing pain I think you definitely win this round Mr @slauriat. Thank you, btw! #
  • 20:05 @melantha71 : I can't recommend the "Futurama" movies enough! They're fairly great, as is the commentary - same goes for "The Incredibles." #
  • 20:07 About the only thing keeping me from crying from the pain is a hot bath to ease the crushing pain in my ribcage. Now to soak & ease it down. #
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