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Quick Sales Post - Please Help!?!

My hospital bills are starting to really pile up so I've taken time when I've had the strength to put together a better looking collection of my clothes I have for sale.

If you buy something today (Tuesday, October 27) you will get it before Halloween - Shipping costs you cover will be close to what I pay to ship things. No fees for purchases made today (as in to cover Paypal fees). I can not vouch for any purchases made on Wednesday or later due to the closeness of the date though if you're willing to pay for next day delivery, I will definitely send it out same day so you can get it in time. Normally I do USPS Priority, but I'm going to use FedEx if it's cheaper since it comes with tracking and insurance.

Please note that I've posted in the descriptions if there's dirt or a tear or some such defect on any items so no refunds. Especially since it's so close to Halloween and I don't want to encourage people to purchase a corset gown only to return it after wearing it for an event or party or even just a regular photo shoot.

Go here to see lots of photos and descriptions of the clothes I have for sale. There's corsets, corset gowns, Tripp, Lip Service, and older more rare clothes from the SF/London days of my life ranging between 1993-1999.

I am selling everything I have due to the combination punch of nearly dying this past June due to Addison's Disease, followed by nine nights in the hospital, followed by weight gain due to steroids (no more fitting in my clothes for modeling), followed by an influx of bills from the hospital. So please please help by finding things I have you want. Combination purchases can get you discounts on not only shipping, but also on the items (more than three items to ask for a discount, please).

There will be more clothes posted over the next 24 hours, but none of them as exciting as the ones I have up now. More vintage goth clothing such as skirts, dresses, and such.

Just to put it in perspective, my medical bills are well over $10k for a nine night stay in the local hospital and all the tests etc. Plus I need to buy a roller/walker and can't afford one so the first thing I'm buying as soon as I sell enough clothes is one of those to help me get around. My cane isn't working since I need to balance my weight oddly with it. I've been approved for Paratransit (the local transportation taxi-type service for people with disabilities bad enough to keep them from regularly using local regular transportation) and that costs money too, every time I go to the doctor which is at least three times a week currently. So yeah, my disability has me having to sell everything I can. Please feel free to pass this along. And I can definitely scan images of my bills and the discharge papers from the hospital this past June if anybody doubts the veracity of my situation.


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