mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Super Sad

Can't sleep since my schedule seems all messed up. I'm feeling quite out of it and I really wish I had my husband snuggling next to me right now. Even snoring. I can't handle the constant pain - and at this point I have it fairly non-stop. I feel so worn out from all the things swirling around that keep me from the peace and quiet I really want.

I have the movie "Two For The Road" stuck in my head. I'm looking all around me and I feel more alone than ever. This week I see my new chiropractor, my therapist, and my pain specialist in the city. That's a huge bunch of Paratransit passes needed. Though I can use my rollator to walk to the chiro.

So I feel awake and sad and in pain at 5:33 am according to my iPod Touch, anyway.


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