I try so very hard every day to try and help myself get a little better. Instead the prognosis from each doctor throws a little more fuel into the depression files.

1. We lost all our money plus the trip to go to The Galapagos due to my thousands of dollars stay in the hospital due to nearly dying from possibly a complication between my Addison's and my Candida allergies.

2 I found out my immune system is just as badly off as when I was in the hospital and I have slight carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist/arm.

3. My credit is starting to get ruined all over again based on all of these factors out of my hands. I need help because before I got so sick I was on top of our bills and finances. Now? My credit is crumbling out from below me and I find it fairly scary and depressing.

4. I need to find an excellent free DVD ripper so I can back up my DVD collection that works in XP.

5. This week is full of doctor appointments and errands. Not a lot of fun. Chiropractor twice, maybe three times, therapist, and over the bridge via Paratransit to see Dr. Rena. Still trying to get a pain specialist on this side of the bridge.

6. I believe in a conscientious person to make up their own minds, with family and doctor support of course to choose between continuing to suffer while being a drain on resources. That way to die in "Soylent Green" just seems so perfect to me. Shawn holding one hand - the rest of my friends who could stand it could enjoy those movies with the music etc.

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