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  • 00:16 The masseuse at my chiropractor's office today offended me by saying that if I would stop saying "That hurts," that the pain would stop. GRR #

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Granted, it's best not to focus on the pain, but that was just a ridiculously stupid thing to say. :(

I'm *so sorry* I haven't been in touch. I've no excuse for myself. I still have a package for you, waiting, with about 7 others, to be mailed. I appreciate your assurances, but I just can't stand the idea of a webcam on me. Also, given our financial situation, I can't think of buying or even shipping something (in trade), so that's why I didn't sign up for that.

I'm always hoping for the best for you, even though I'm a negligent friend. Continued apologies for that!
Don't worry. For the most part I've found that most of my friends have an "out-of-sight/out-of-mind" thing going on regarding me. It sucks, but there's not much I can do about it.

Try to get Vlad flown up here with you being the only expense you have to pay. Surely he can find a company or two in the Bay Area that would want to fly him up to see about working with them?

Miss your company very much. Please do keep in touch. Okay? My Facebook page has all my current snail mail/phone/etc information for those who I trust. Of which you are one. So feel free to get my information from there. You can give me a call. Or send me presents! We really should work together more. I'm selling books for my newest friend, Mark P, up here through Amazon. I wonder if we could sell your stuff through Amazon if not through Etsy. And I'm not kidding.

Hope everything is going great for you (it's not for me but no writing about it here on LJ). Please, please do keep in touch!