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This Application Sucks

I can't get the damned app to not crash when trying to respond to a message. What the hell? Some of us would like their old, apparently out of date iPod Touch to actually work for more than five minutes at a time.

Just in case the nice lady who was interested in buying my corset is keeping an eye on my page - here's the response I spent over 45 minutes trying to get to work:

"Aaargh! I just wrote you a fairly lengthy response to have my iPod Touch LJ app eat it.

The Vollers is worth even more now that they apparently no longer use that brocade for it. But make me a (non-lowball) offer and maybe we can come to an agreement.

I don't know which cincer you mean, but if you send me a link to a picture I posted of it I can better answer you. I'm guessing it will since until the steroids all my clothes fit me. Some perfectly, some a little loose, some a little tight, but they all fit. Unlike now.

Now I'm in need of the money due to medical bills that keep increasing every week and if I manage to sell even a quarter of my clothes I still will have no room in my closet since the two years before the Addison's nearly took me off I was modeling and photographing models to such an extent that my gowns got worn by me no more than twice. If I was lucky.

So, make me an offer I can't refuse and you can end up with pieces of beautiful clothing that it pains me to have to sell. Literally pains me. Every time I look at my beautiful collection and/or in a mirror I want to cry.

Cheers, Molly"

--- beethatbumbles wrote:

> No satire, no. :) Just honest to goodness well wishes.
> I'm really interested in the vollers corset, but are you still asking $200 for it? I'm also interested in the waist cincher, but what is the waist size on it? My waist is around 24.5 inches as a reference.
> Thanks!
> --Melissa

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