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Corsets & Corset Gowns 22"

I have had a year from hell and more than ever need to sell all my modeling clothes due to my health deteriorating even further. Some of these pieces I absolutely love, but as with every piece I'm selling I have come to recognize I'm on steroids for the rest of my life and these will never fit me again.

All the corsets and corset-based gowns were purchased when I could cinch down to 22". All the photos you could ever want of them are either in my Scrapbook or in my MSN photo area. My size at the time was 6-8-10 (versus now at XL). I'm 5'8" and was between 120 and 130 at the time these all fit.

Vollers 22" red brocade that apparently they no longer make using the fabric - even though it's still on their site. Asking $200- as it's in as new condition and worth much more due to the difficulty in finding one in this material and in as new condition.

Vollers 22" black pvc that does show some wear but still remains in excellent clubwear or modeling condition. Asking $150- and it's one of the few I didn't take photos of due to not wanting to sell my only gorgeous black pvc corset. Perfect for anything!

Azac Designs "Sleepy Hollow" three piece corset gown. Asking $350- as it has been worn once or twice but it basically is as new.

Azac Designs "Bloody Countess" two piece corset gown. Asking $350-.

Azac Designs "Applique Wedding Gown" two piece corset wedding gown. Asking $400-. Perfect for modeling editorial and fashion. Could use new tie for back of corset but it hasn't been worn except for one shoot by me. It was a "floor model" that azacdesigns used for a few fashion shows but so little wear shows you could change the ribbon in the back and use it for your actual wedding dress!

If you live in the Bay Area I'm willing to even try renting my modeling and clubwear to models or photographers so I get money toward wear-and-tear and you get access to clothes you otherwise couldn't. I tried it once and it went well so I'm willing to try again.

If you see anything else I have for sale that you might want just send me a link to a photo so I can know exactly which you want. I have rubber clothing and Lip Service and even Patricia Fields(!) from right before she closed shop in NYC.

I will be posting links after this as I'm using the LJ app for the iPod Touch to create this listing.

And while I'm asking fair prices for everything I've listed, so long as you don't lowball me, I'm willing to listen to offers. These prices don't include shipping. I have excellent feedback ratings on eBay, Amazon, swaptree, paperbackswap, etc. 100% feedback across the board. *GRIN*

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