mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Rubber, PVC, Lip Service, Wigs, & More

Vollers 22" red brocade corset : $200
Vollers 24" black shiny PVC: $150

AzAc 22" 'Bloody Countess' Corset Gown: $300
Matching O-O-A-K Wig By Lana/Crude Things: $150

Pony Mask With Rubber Bit & Reins: $50-
Leather & Chain Skirt By Mr. S: $125-

There is a huge amount more of all varieties of things for sale - my LJ scrapbook has six pages of clothes and my new Posterous account has quite a few. Just wanted to ask friends to shout it out, as it were.

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Tags: clothes, corset, fetish, for sale, rubber, rubber clothing sale!, wigs
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