mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Tried to Send This on OKC

But it won't send. And I find that it's too good a response to let here it is for the world to gawp at:

"Well, I move slowly sexually for various reasons. I want to know that there's chemistry of a sexual type before making definite yes plans. Plus there's my illness which makes for me not knowing what I'll be up for. But if you are ONLY looking for sex-play partners, I'm probably not one you're looking for. Cuddling and kissing is much more my speed right now. If I wanted sex only the opportunities would be endless! I'm looking for more of a mutually supportive friendship with cuddling and lots of making out (if both find the other attractive in that way). I miss that much more right now. I really miss the feeling of a tight hug, a deep kiss, and the warmth of leaning into one another as we laugh or cry during watching a movie together, for instance.

Besides, there's the whole STD bugaboo that I would rather not discuss until I know there's a reason. I don't feel a need to introduce myself, say "Hi! I do have this, but only here, and nothing else. What about you? And do you have a penis larger than this? Because I can't fit more than..."

I'm not even kidding about that last part. And that's not really something I want to announce to the world, you know? It just isn't necessary to discuss all these issues until I know if I even like a person, much less find them sexually stimulating. And how many guys want to get asked immediately how big their penis is in length and girth? Not very many, in my experience. (*Grin*)

We have a LOT of things and tastes in common. I have a pretty good idea that we would make great friends based on the clues I've picked up from your profile. But does that mean I will want to get "down and dirty" with you? No clue. That's why I figured we would definitely cuddle but I wouldn't commit to more than that with anybody other than perhaps a few people in the world before meeting in person and getting to know them at least on a superficial level...

Hopefully this will not turn you completely off from wanting to hang out! But if it does, it won't be taken at all personally. I just take things slow - especially right now. I'm getting divorced from the person I considered my soul mate. The person with whom I mutually fell in love at first sight and I spent over a decade with. Add to that my disabilities, my weight gain from steroids, and so on and I wouldn't trust ME if I rushed into even sex play. Who knows where I've been? ;-)

This is long and it is in depth but it's also completely honest and incredibly open. Once again - I don't know if I'll be physically attractive to you and vice-versa. I HOPE so. But I don't take it for granted.

I have a quasi-first date tonight I need to prepare for. I've been spending time with another OKC person as well. I definitely have been lucky in finding people of both sexes to date at my slower pace so far. I hope to include you...but it really is up to you. We only have so much time and energy to give and share...

And I'll leave it there. I hope to hear from you again."


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