mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

What an evening...with lots of pictures!

I had a great start to my birthday weekend!

Mark wrote asking if I wanted to go see “ON THE EDGE”* tonight and as Michael Rosen is in the show and attending I gladly said yes.

The big deal for me, besides going into SF for any reason other than doctors, was seeing Michael and Mark and maybe meeting new people. So I shaved pits and calves, wore a black velvet dress with my purple velvet rhinestone collar and a nice pair of low heels, and basically dressed up to go out for the first time I can remember.

Mark told me about his month in Paris, Michael didn't recognize me at all due to my weight gain (which hurt, I can't deny), but once he did he was as sweet as always and I _finally_ met his wife. I've only known him since 1993. :-)

Had a really nice time meeting new people and chatting. Mark and I left after a couple of hours. The parking fairies had been on our side so we only had a few blocks to walk back to the car, luckily.

My shoes left two blisters on the front ball of each foot that takes up the whole thing - both feet. Huge. Painful. I made space enough for them to air so they won't collect nastiness.

Got home and hung out just being companionable with Mark and Erica in the living room, watching a special on Kit Carson. It felt really good to spend time with Mark. I guess I really missed him. It was also great to see Michael. He said he might cross the bridge to come visit, which would really make me happy.

I came to bed and had Femme Pois and Purrbarella in their normal bedtime spots when I decided I needed a hot bath. By the time I got back into bed both had gone AWOL. So I called to each of them and they both came back! Yes, my cats will come when called. A dog? Even an asleep one? That's normal. But for Purrbarella to come when I call her at bedtime makes me happy.

My Sidekick's dying a very ugly death and it shouldn't be. I can't afford a new phone at all! I have temptation to move to an iPhone but we will see how my talk with T-Mobile goes. It may just need them to do a hard reset, but that wouldn't explain the battery issues or the sudden "Emergency Calls Only" messages that started today.

I'm having friends over Sunday & Monday to hang out. Tomorrow the huge blisters and general ultra fatigue will keep me in bed. And I get to try and see Dr. Young again on Monday morning. Days like that make me long for my car...

*“ON THE EDGE”, Erotic Photography Exhibition, will feature 17 photographers displaying over 400 of their best cutting edge nude, sensual, glamorous, exotic, bondage, fetish and kinky erotic photographs for sale on February 11-13, 2011, Valentine’s Day Weekend.

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