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What a World

Charles Napier, voice of an absolutely insane and wonderful billionaire media owning boss in "The Critic," died yesterday (Wednesday) Michael Hsieh, at one time in my past a very close friend who was one of the best men in my wedding to Shawn, apparently has finally left the bachelor world and married his girlfriend and love of many years. And technological maven and at one time a large influence in the lives of several people close to me, Steve Jobs, died after battling cancer for many many months.

Three news items that I'm either glad or sad to know, but all three are pieces of nxd. We do the best we can and share the good when possible.

My marriage is over, but reading Michael and Tricia made it and Michael finally bit the bullet and married is a pleasant and happy surprise. It also shows how disconnected from my friends I've become.

Things aren't great for me personally of late but I can keep my head above water emotionally and that helps the rest sort of to maintain. New roommate/assistant working out as we slowly work on our own lives whilst still helping one another. Right now we both are in a bit of a depressed state due to our various problems, but other than the power going completely out, tonight I have naught to complain about other than my health and Shawn's disappearance and yeah, my health really most of all.

There's far too much going on in my head to even start organizing my thoughts, though I know that I must do so at some point...

Disappearing ex-husbands are a bit on my mind, as are malevolent monsters and the ideas of sharp edged blades literally being driven deep into a back. Mine? Can't tell. Who cares? Must sum up as I started inputting this quite some time again. Other than dietary habits, animals tend to get on together much better than the animal segment I'm a slice of...

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