mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

The Pain Will Not Let Up. OW OW OW!

Yesterday Will and I washed cats and dogs (one each) and today he took the HUGE pile of apartment and pet laundry to a real laundromat in order to wash a LOT of things like my giant comforter and the smaller hand towels.

Today wrecked me because I'm foolish and there's so much that gets on top of me and there's only so much that I feel comfortable asking my assistant to do in my place that when I have enough sense to ask Will to handle things like the making of my bed I still end up doing too many other things thus negating it.

If Mike Rowe is single, straight, and not adverse to disabled fatties it would make me thrilled to go on a date or several with him. His dry, misanthropic, SF-loving self shows a sense of humor that I find delicious.

The sweetlings are all in bed with me, excepting Petal who is in Ein's bed next to my bed. Femme Pois is asleep with her head on my ankle as seen in one of the pictures and Zweite Ein's panting but has her back end creating a pile with us two. Lolita, Princess of Goth is sleeping on one of my body pillows. Precious Petal is sleeping so her head and one shoulder are leaning on a higher end of Blankie in Ein's freshly cleaned dog bed.

Feo just continues to look stunning. And I'm concerned about some very important life changes and not making the correct decisions and what it will mean. FP has put my whole foot and leg asleep. UGH.


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