mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean?
They follow me through the house.
Each of them sleep next to me right now.
Two dogs. Two cats.
Some quiet snores. One under the pet blankie.
One on my body pillow after spending time cuddling under my blankie.
Three lay near my feet. Yes, still quietly snoring.
Having their love helps so much.
My kitten has doubled in size in eight weeks.
She's going to match Lolita in size so soon.
Organic Mammal + Electronic Tool.
I need to focus.
Nausea and pain that increases even with methadone trying to kick the pain's ass sucks.
Petal is laying with her two front paws under my comfort blankie and also under my bum.
Petal has taken the affection shown by FP and Lolita to a new level of pet love.
Three new to me standup comics made me laugh out loud so hard I nearly peed from the coughs the laughter brought on.
Greg Behrendt = 5 Netflix stars.
Drew Hastings = 4 Netflix stars.
Bill Engvall = 3 Netflix stars.
I liked them all. But I only loved one.
Will's ill.
So is Ein. Must remember to call Dad for aid.
Right now I could use help.
Not just right now.
The oddity of every day taxes the mind.
Day by day.
Night after night.
My iPhone is behaving badly.
My innards are too.
Did you ever love me?
Would you you protect your love?
Insomnia has had me awake most of the past two days.
To follow my pets into quiet sleep.

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