mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Every Night Becomes More Bonding

The four never leave me alone, and by this time (around 11pm) they settle down around me. After Will takes the dogs out for their last walk they immediately run up their pet stairs and FP climbs between her pet blankies. They still have their walk to do tonight but all four are sleeping now. Petal lays by my left side; FP sleeps by my left foot; Ein's on my right foot; Lolita sleeps curled on my body pillow that's on my right side.

It changes, the places where they sleep. But it's always with me at night. If the cats do go romping up and down the hallway at night, it's only to have them return.

I did the right thing when I adopted Precious Petal. Yes, I rescued a black (she's not quite a tuxedo, even though she does have a bunch of white contrasting) cat - they're the most often put to sleep due to superstition. I've had rescuers in different states tell me this and thus Lolita, Princess of Goth and now Petal. Anyway. I did the correct action when I did accept Petal instead of the Russian Blue. She has eased the ache of losing Purrbarella not just for me. Lolita has taken to playing with her. Petal gets along with both Femme Pois and Zweite Ein and not just Lolita.

Lolita just woke up and started licking Ein who got fed up and just twisted herself around so Lolita couldn't get to her ears. Very funny. But it's indicative of the lack of cat/dog problems. They all get along and Petal has helped by her personality of inquisitive friendliness to really make my family of pets fulfill ease some loneliness.

And on a different subject: I'm watching a DVD about Philip Pullman and "His Dark Materials" and the heart inside me breaks so over the ending. My love feels overwhelming and my loss has little relief even with my four separate pets giving theirs unconditional and stable love.

Milton and Blake I need to read again. I can love even with true love gained and lost. FP is snoring. I need to find an aid for three weeks as Will has been asked to housesit for somebody going to pay him that he feels he should do. Anybody have three weeks (or one or two) to come spend (Dec 15-Jan 7) helping me? Will will tell you himself that it's pretty darned easy. He is a very good roommate and also a good helper. Dog walking and doing errands and such. His room is very comfortable and you would have it as a sort of sublet.

It could be a lot of fun. Really!


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