mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

I'm So Tired...

Just ate the three dishes: Tofurkey and my cucumber salad and baked candied yams. With gravy by Tofurkey. I do wish we had made mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie but I'm full in the midst of my misery. The pain kicks my ass. My weight has gone back up. I'm a bit more active, but not enough to counterbalance my recent sugar binges. I did abstain for a day or two but it didn't make me feel better and I'm starting to understand Dawn French's consistent jokes about obese people having a bad time and utilizing sugar and candy to comfort the self during a bombardment of negative items storming the tottering emotional castle. So to speak.

At least dinner turned out nicely and though I didn't receive a single email, text, or phone call ... even though this feeling ... it's the way of the world. I went from throwing incredibly successful parties and decent club events and breakins, to this. It would be interesting to know whether my life would be better if I had never gone to that party on the roof with Eartha and friends. Had never gone to Worcester.

Asking for the hemlock now, Dr. Molly Black. Hemlock cocktail for Molly please. A dash of mint schnapps. If you don't mind. Thank you. Molly knows to wait patiently.


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