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What to do when distraction is needed

I've been playing a very silly but fun game that the evil overlords known as Zynga has put out, apparently for the iPhone/iPad cretins such as myself. One of the photos I just took shows something that makes me happy and reassured that I did indeed do the correct thing in choosing Petal. Due to both cats being black you can't see that they're actually cuddled together. Huge home happiness caused by such a simple thing.

As much as both Erica and Shawn love Lolita, Princess of Goth, I love Precious Petal. I love this kitty SO very much. It's not a tossup twixt her and Femme Pois because they're both mine and attached to me in different ways.

There's quite a bit more going on but it's for behind the LJ wall. I love posterous, but I do wish they had a better way of handling privacy in shared posts - a similar to LJ or even Facebook way would be nice.

My wish for this holiday: A friend who has time and space comes to take me away, along with all four pets - or at least the dogs - to some quiet place where cuddling and care are shared for the three weeks my roommate is away. Or they come to stay for the time. Lots of fun together no matter whether we drive my Prius to Las Vegas or Long Beach or even Vancouver.

Love is what I wish for this holiday season. Love of any type, shared and full of the care that helps everyone around. Shared affection would bring smiles not just to my face. My pets could use more love and affection and longer walks than they currently get. I've a large tent, and almost all the camping gear I might need. My Prius is small but with the items collected this past year I've the basics for a camping trip with the four pets and a few humans.

Now to eat, rest, and distract myself with more "Ruby Gloom" - the best kids show I've seen come out recently. Netflix streaming is my pal nights of pain like this. Love, love,'s easy!

What would I want for the holidays?


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