Watch: Obsessed: Season 1: Nidia / Rick

I've watched only half way but it has the closest similarity of what illness can do to relationships on both the healthy partner and the sick's. It really shows how an illness, be it mental and/or physical, affects a relationship.

It's quite intense at times and there may possibly be triggers, but I don't know. They're very interesting and starting with the first isn't a bad idea but yeah, so far this episode shows too much of what we do to ourselves at times. And reading all the Victorian stuff it's not more intense now. People died from brain fevers or broken hearts or other mentally based sicknesses. "It's just really hard." "The anxiety will come down more quickly if you do not compulse."

People sometimes are stubborn to see things as they are. Pure evil is too dogmatic. The second episode has a fascinating OCD person who has thoughts of killing people. Yeah, I recommend "Obsessed" for the intense mental processes and "Ruby Gloom" for gravers and xgoths. Much more upbeat and cheery. And "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" for interesting shows that actually teach as well as entertain to the lowest common denominator.