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Socialization Needs Don't End With This


Finally watched "The Darjeeling Limited" tonight (on BluRay (_finally_) on my (used) laptop) and it definitely deserved me to wait until I could focus on it and see just how impressive Wes Anderson's use of film, light, space, movement, timing, and how all of it tries to show more than the limited amount of depth interior-wise.

I've such a thing for large noses on men. Very sexy to me. Thus I've a veritable smorgasbord of sexiness with the three main characters. Do women and men truly have sexual experiences regularly or is this quick pick up sex just part of male interior dialog of fantasy? Seems a bit of a wish fulfillment by a short, only moderately attractive, man? Plausible if they're rich and/or famous or even just might infuse life with even a momentary bit of glamor.

Playing games to continue attempting to distract myself from things causing more unhappiness in me. Today Will and I had our first argument. Didn't go well. He actually stooped to saying I don't appreciate him. It reminded me of Al saying I didn't support his being a musician. Something do obviously untrue that there's a problem festering that I can't do anything about. With Al it was his homesickness and desire to move back to Boston and be near his mother again. I'm thinking with Will it has to do with his three weeks away.

He owns his own car. However it's not insured or registered as of now. I actually went with him to his meeting in SF on Saturday. By went with him, I mean I sat in the car for an extended period of time so he could go. And when he thanked me I made sure to say that he waited patiently for me when I had my therapy appointment and then went and got my hair cut so I could assist him this time.

I'm terrified because in a few days I'm going to be in a situation where I don't have any help and though I've an accepted application for my caregiver to get paid a wage, I've a bit of a wait. Plus whomever is my caregiver has to take a class or two and pay a fee to the county.

People who have said mean or thoughtless things about my health and need for help and that the care I need isn't remunerative enough, don't have a bloody clue. It causes me to get frustrated and feel insulted. Anyway, "The Darjeeling Limited" really has more than even "Steve Zissou" so far as depth and playing with sets and memory and it seems a good movie to pair with "A Scanner Darkly."

I suddenly recalled Allison and Thomas' movie nights in Cambridge, MA back in '98-'99. Those were such fun. We had so much fun...the nights of dinner parties and trips to apple orchards. Before Shawn.

Does anybody have the soundtrack? And does anybody want to go with me to use a Groupon code for a local diner Monday? Anybody have the ability and desire to take a drive with me and the dogs for a time away from here? I've a car with excellent mileage, a large tent, cooking stove and such, etc. so it could be pleasurable.

Black flamingo!!!


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