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Bored in the Oakland area?

I would love to have some visitors to keep me from pulling out my fair in stress and such. Also, my new hospital style table arrived today and I need help putting it together so I can move things onto it and have a place to eat off properly.

Also could stand assistance either getting the sleeping bed part of the couch connected to the slots to keep the bed frame in place and holding the couch cushions up in place OR to have fun taking the thing to pieces and dumping it so I can find a smaller and more easy to maneuver replacement.

I feel ready to explode. The need I have for aid of various sorts has me twisted up inside and out. It's maddening to feel trapped and then to look around and realize you really are stuck. Bedridden for much of the time. It feels beyond what I can continue to handle.

Presents for Erica and for Carl sitting and waiting for them to visit. Would love it if Randall would come visit (and bring back my usb record player at the same time, please). Another Jerry and Tracy visit would also include setting me up with Fruity Loops so we can work on songs together maybe - some of Tracy on her Alto-bass flute creation and Jerry with guitar, perhaps his son on drums (though I doubt that he would be interested), and a possible Molly on soft stringed bass(!) - I never knew such things existed but they do and it's not that costly to get.

Please consider sharing your time with me. Give me a ping via text and come on over. We can watch either "Grey Gardens" or even all of them (the two original Maysel's documentaries or the new HBO version garnering high praise) - we can eat popcorn - drink sherry or port - play "Fable 2" or "Ratchet & Clank" or "Rock Band: Beatles" - cuddle on the couch or my bed depending on what you want to see, play, or where you want to hang out.

I've decided to sell my sewing machine - only used twice, but the huge problem with the tension is too much for me. I suppose I could try and track down Singer assistance, but really, out of the hobbies I have this is the one I've the least talent in and the least financial investment. I've the box and everything. I would have done better to have purchased a completely automatic one, but I went for durability and strength based on time spent with my very talented sewing friends (Sam and blueella, the latter has her birthday this week I do believe). But this sewing machine is really more for a hardcore seamstress.

Come visit me. If you see my back porchlight on, I'm awake and a quick text lets me know to look for you...
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