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2am & don't it look like it hasn't had a kind word since half past never

Giving "Vudu" a try with the $5.99 credit. Rediscovering "Mary Poppins" and absolutely loving it.

Last night I not only watched "Grey Gardens" - the new HBO movie about the original documentary and the background that led to the "riches to rags" story, but again straight away with the commentary. I cried throughout - even when watching it with the commentary. The commentary is decent, and does have some interesting information probably not readily found elsewhere.

Mary Poppins is a wonderful role for Julie Andrews. She looks lovely and sings quite sweetly.

Last night I also spent almost all my spoons cleaning the fishtank _and_ the filters. For the first time since Erica and I set it up the filters are both working beautifully (and in both senses of the word) and Feo, Stripey, and Tetra look almost bemused and a bit freaked out. But it looks lovely and the filters are both definitely working at close to brand new condition.
And now it's the next evening (Monday, January 23, 2012) and I've had quite an adventurous morning. Well, perhaps adventurous puts too much spin on what frankly felt like hell and horrible.

Yup, another sudden silently screaming tummy tumultuously taking itself and seeing if it could twist itself the way a person might twist a wet rag to get as much liquid out as possible. That's a fairly apt description.

I've had a nasty onset of myoclonus the past several days, but had too much that needed accomplishing and soon. So I dug through papers, made copies, searched for what items I hope will assist my case. I also have many bills to catch up on, broken or improperly working tech that needs either replacement, fixing, or for me to give up and see about recycling properly, and then there's still a need to organize the chaos I'm living in by a combination of selling, trading, shipping to my ex, and storing what matters to me, but that can wait until I can have the space needed.

So the myoclonus kept getting more pronounced yet I continued to attempt more than I could do so without having another beyond retching spell and so while going through the filing cabinet I kept feeling bursts of worsening nausea but since I hoped to find a single sheet of paper having to do with my permanent disability placard so I could use it for my IHSS applications and for my switch to disability plates. And by the time Will came into the living room to ask a question I had to ask his help to stand up and then a blind run to the toilet for some astonishingly painful "prayer" to the white with purple trim porcelain gods.

So followed that with a solu-cortef shot and a sip or two of Glucerna to coat tummy and adrenal gland and then my last Zofran. Luckily I've five more now since Will stopped off at CVS for them. And he dropped my Kindle Keyboard off at UPS so Amazon will get it in a timely fashion and won't charge me - and I'm still quite pleased with the replacement. In fact, not only can I see the letters on the keys, but it also seems that it wasn't the cover with light that was the problem, as the new one had no problems whatsoever in connecting and the light came directly on when tested. So one less thing needing fixing or replacing.

I'm spending far too much time with this, but I'm forever trying to distract myself in attempts to stop this feeling. Pipedreams...

There's too much piled up, but tonight I'm curling up and staying hidden from the stresses that hover over me. As I just croaked at Will, I've pushed through and I can now take the next couple of days to not think of anything other than resting. Melissa asked if I need to go back to the hospital for a bit, but I definitely do NOT want go back unless it becomes absolutely necessary. But if this downward spiral continues I won't have much choice.
Positive? Howzabout this? PS3: Molly_Black_23 / 360: Molly Black (or my hotmail addy if you've got it) / Wii: Unsure but should be the same as the 360. I'll find out later. Comment with yours in return (email works too).
Tags: missing friends, missing what was important to me, movies, nausea beyond belief, sadness, sick molly, sick to my stomach, spoons, throwing up

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