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What I wrote to Aba, his family, our mutual friends, & his stranger friends

Hello to Abukuse and all his friends and family!

I'm writing this to all because I'm a freaque similar to my darling Aba and though we have different belief systems I still feel that letting him and various friends we share know what's up with me isn't spamming in the worst sense of the word.

Mid-January my back "went out" to a point where movement equalled screaming. My live-in caregiver (he cares for me part-time in exchange for his rent, all utilities, and the occasional perquisite such as a new cellphone for him to use in a pay-as-he-goes need and Netflix and access to my HP Tablet when his iMac goes out) helped me by calling an ambulance after we waited 24-hours to see if the pain might subside.

No go.

Went to Ashby campus of Alta Bates, had an MRI, and then a laminectomy for vertebrae four and five. After ten days they sent me to a Skilled Nursing Facility at Summit (or SSNF) for Physical Therapy Rehab (or PTR) for two weeks. I got home on the 22nd, or last Wednesday - I've not been home a week.

The pain has been increasing to such an extent that based on the neurologist's view of my lack of decrease in pain he may choose to send me back to SSNF for more PTR. Though this week I'm having twice a week in home PTR covered by insurance, same with OT and even a home visit from social security. I've had two doctors sign off on my application for In Home Social Services (or IHSS) as I would a) like Will to receive pay for his work as well as barter and b) the state will help me find Will's replacement so that when he moves back north IHSS will do background checks and help prevent any more psychos from moving in and then creating drama by lying, stealing my meds, and/or threatening to molest me.

No lie: all of the above have occurred. If any of you want to move to the Bay Area and are intrigued by even the mere barter aspect as IHSS takes a while to get approved, keep this email as it and are the best to know me through.

Since this is Aba's Wall, you'll know this is merely me sharing my story via it. And though I'm in pain so bad that it merits a ten with tears streaming down my face and my next door neighbor had to wash me last night due to my lack of mobility which was horribly embarrassing, I'm very glad that Aba's doing so well and Aba? You have my eternal love and I just wish I could see you. Hello to Henry and Obediah and my ex, Josh. Cate too. You all know who you are that mutually share the math of Aba's love with me.

Anyway, it looks like I have Lupus as well as FMS, myoclonus, and Addison's Disease and now my fused back on top of the Hashimodo's and so forth so though I ask for no responses, I do hope for my friends from the past to maybe send me your mental best wishes. This has taken a ridiculous amount of time to write but Aba and his other family and friends are worth it.

Aba: I'm very glad you've started considering your tenure path. Much love to you until I can no longer draw breath. Will's been with me since September and so far he's the best roommate and caregiver since Erica. I think you would really dig him. Seriously. He's all mountain man but a superlative artist and we almost never have arguments because we're both so introspective it helps us understand one another. I'm lucky that after all the psychos I found him. The fact we have no physical attraction helps a lot.

Now I'm going to copy this and post it to my LJ...


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