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This is pretty damn clear

I'm in too much pain to go through and do spacing but it's still concise and I'm proud of this ad. If I need to post it again at least I'll have only a few things to add and very little editing to do.
SF bay area craigslist > east bay > housing > rooms & shares $750 Caregiver Needed in Exchange for Rent & Utilities (oakland piedmont / montclair) (map) Date: 2011-08-28, 6:16PM PDT Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

Hi there! Please read this ad very carefully because I'm learning most people don't. This is a good situation for the right person. I'm a 42-year-old woman with a permanent disability who has Fibromyalgia, Addison's Disease, and other assorted health issues which allows me little ease. Currently looking for a live-in caregiver to take over my light care and the light care of our shared apartment. Preferably a person who can move in within a short time period, though the exact date is negotiable. My last long-term had been assisting and living with me since my ex-husband and I separated permanently over two years ago. I tried another friend but our lifestyles were too divergent, so we parted. After study and research I've come to believe I need to find somebody who loves loves loves dogs and is either a vegetarian or plays one at home with no regrets for missed home-cooked bacon. ;-) I would prefer somebody who loves media of all types, loves animals, and doesn't mind living in a lacto-ovo vegetarian household (though what anybody eats outside of the house matters little to me). The bedroom available is square footage sized similarly to my bedroom and has room for a bed and a desk as well as bookshelves (in other words it is quite spacious, as is the common area) - both of which are already available in the storage space. The storage space behind the apartment is included as it is paid for by me so you can use what space there is if you need to. The care of me is not onerous. I need assistance scheduling and handling doctors and their appointments, running errands, doing shopping, and light cooking (I normally do not eat very much). Going with me to the doctors and assisting me in getting around with my rollator is another aspect. I have a Prius for transportation when I'm capable, and if you have a license that's great! I don't mind sharing driving duties on my bad days and if you can drive that should eradicate my need for Paratransit help. Having your own life is very important, I know, so this is basically part-time every day, with days off as needed and planned for. I have good days where I can even drive, and I have bad days where I can barely get out of bed. If you are friendly and can consider becoming my friend, that would assist me in knowing to choose you out of any others. As far as pay in concerned, currently it is only rent and utilities, however I would like to start the process of attempting to get state assistance in caregiver pay for proper caregiver assistance so if things work out there may be pay in the future. I have one friendly cat (that I'm allergic to) and two small dogs that need walking. Housing is a two-bed, one-bath apartment in the Piedmont area of Oakland. It is quite lovely and there is a stream down the street, as well as a large park within a few blocks. BART is also quite close, as is a Whole Foods, Safeway, Walgreens, and even a USPS. Very central while still remaining quiet and peaceful. If you see yourself taking care of somebody who needs peace & quiet & as little drama as possible please get in touch. There is a parking space for my car for ease of traveling and storage access included. I recognize that my new assistant should probably be a dog lover at minimum - with a small one of their own if needs must. Walking dogs should be a treat, or at least a chore you find enjoyable. If you have a small one of your own it will make for a tight squeeze, but if all pets get along it will be okay. To make life easier I think a vegetarian might be happier in the situation since all cookware, silverware, and plates have never been touched by meat and I keep the house veggie. Part of the problem is I have a very high scent sensitivity and meat/fish can cause completely debilitating nausea. Somebody who either has lived with somebody who was as sick. more or less, as myself or who has experience caring for people with semi-debilitating illnesses. Once again: Rent & utilities in exchange for care and assistance. The room is pretty and fairly good-sized and the neighborhood is central and quiet. The things to do? A list of what I need in an assistant/helper: Schedule doctor appointments Run errands such as food shopping, the medicinal dispensary, and such necessities as come up Make certain I eat at least two times a day. Cook for me (very easy due to my light diet), make sure I have plenty of water, and keep track of my eating Make certain I take my medications and make sure that my patches are handled properly. Wash the pets around every six weeks, they're used to it, and don't scratch. Keep track of my medications. Drop off and pick up prescriptions. Fill medication pill box once a week. Take me to doctor appointments. Help keep track of doctor visits, questions, med changes, etc. Help keep apartment clean. Do laundry bi-weekly Keep track of my pain levels. Scoop dirty cat litter daily Take out garbage & recycling as needed. Walk the dogs around three times a day and feed them twice a day. Croxton Avenue at Richmond Blvd (google map) (yahoo map) it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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