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Something Nice & Unexpected

My new self-treated purchase of "Safety Dance" on my phone just brought my main Social Worker returning my desperation call. She said that she's going to call the disability person who hasn't responded to my increasingly stressed out messages since I received her request for my work history from 15 years PRIOR to my disability. This, as I became unable to work February of 2001, means going back 26 years!

So my prior case manager contacting me to get further information from me in order to contact this new person herself is fantastic. It leaves more of a trail and my prior said she may have information to give this new person which means on Monday I may receive some good news. Even any news I think I'll consider positive as it, as I wrote, will extend my paper trail and shows how hard I'm trying to fulfill their requests, even when I'm in a Skilled Nursing Facility and unable to fulfill paper requests.

I've filled out the "This is why I can't work and of course your doctors can poke at me," form. I just need to get it to them in such a way I've proof they received it. Very difficult when I'm in a SNF for another week. And ten days from the 2nd isn't a heck of a lot of time to do what they ask in this situation.

Why can't I work? I'll share that:

Fibromyalgia, Addison's Disease, Autoimmune Problems, PTSD, Anxiety, Myoclonus, Possible Lupus, Back Problems leading to a Laminectomy, Multiple Trauma Disorder, IBS, Heart Arrhythmia, Memory Lapses

There's more, but ironically I can't recall them at this time - though I didn't write that.

So I'm laying here and last night and today there have been a few patients shouting and screaming so that at times it seems reminiscent of a Victorian-Aged Madhouse. Though it's abated a bit as of now.

My left knee has decided I deserve lots and lots of pain. But I managed to surprise both my OT and PT today by, even with easing me back due to not wanting me to have a blowout, doing almost all their requests and by myself for the majority. That feels nice.

But I'm definitely hurting and I'm definitely frustrated by disability asking for what I find to be ridiculous and almost unrealistic in some attempt to force my failure in their request. That's why my Social Worker's call was an unexpected treat and may help me have it not hanging over me this weekend.

Plus Carl may visit me and that's awesome.

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