mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Cry Me A River...

About "Intervention" - The thing about more than half these freaking people is they cry and complain about having "no daddies" and I'm so pissed off at their pathetic natures. Tell me about it. I've grown up knowing damned well my biological father wanted my mom to have an abortion and _happily_ gave me up for adoption. My adopted father? Let's be blunt - of course he didn't give a damn to be my dad, especially after my (half) sister was born a couple of years into the marriage.

Drives me freaking nuts. In some ways I can't understand how pathetically full of selfish ego they are when they drink so much or take so much heroin and their lives are full of people who love them. I mean families who love them. Love them immensely.

I've got none of that. If Shawn wasn't paying alimony I'd be dead. I'd have been on the streets with no medicine and I'd have died. My family has said point blank that even though they know how sick I am that I can't look to them for assistance. And let's be brutally frank: they're all extremely well off.

Have I _ever_ received a thing more than items or pets worth more than a small bit? HA! Nope. I asked mom for a get well present of a blood pressure cuff and she asked if a very cheap basic one would be ok and of course I said yes. I need one. $38-.

But yeah. It's almost a joke. When I asked my dad if we could get married on his property his first response was that he wasn't going to pay a cent and I had to interrupt him to say that wasn't the question and even when he said yes nobody was to be allowed in the bathroom so Shawn and I ended up renting the absolute highest class porta-potty we could.

So do I, with several serious illnesses combined, take more pain meds than I should? Do I make excuses?


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