mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Three ads for three options...

Please feel free to pass these on. The three as it's set up so far:

A replacement for Will

A roommate to pay rent and thus cover Melissa's fees as my helper

A local ground-floor unit or house (though I'd be willing to move to Tracy & Jerry's block if possible)

Room for rent:

Caregiver in exchange for rent & utilities:

Looking for a one-bedroom:

Melissa just came over to help me wash up after my PT session with the very cute Ms. Rivet which had been followed by a full dousing in chocolate Glucerna. Yuck. She also tried to cheer me up though right now that's difficult due to everything going on.

My disability is at a place where crossing fingers and praying's about all anybody can do. I need some serious help. Seeing my therapist tomorrow. Project Open Hand delivers tomorrow. My grill is allegedly _finally_ being paid for & picked up. Friday is more PT. Hoping to schedule an optometrist appointment ASAP. Friday after PT would be good. And so on.

Okay. I posted a quick new video on YouTube but I'm unsure where it gets shared to. And now to rest. My nausea has me by the gut and the throat. Ow, in other words.

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