mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send A Friend To Come Over

I would really appreciate a friend or two coming over tonight to help me go through my closet and maybe play dress up - male or female - in front of a camera.

We can play a video game or watch a guilty secret program on the Wii or PS3 or even cuddle in my bed watching something on my 360. The Wii technically belongs to Shawn but it's one of the items I tried to get him to take but he refused. So yet another electronic item from an office stuck full of them that he dumped on me and I don't know what works and what is garbage.

Oh well. I'll dress up all lipstick pretty for any friend with time to share. I'd love the company.

If any friends have the time it could be fun figuring out what is donate-worthy vs sales for Etsy vintage vs recyclable vs just pure shreddable vs just garbage. Maybe, at least. There's also my PBS special DVDs I'd love to watch with certain belovèd friends. Could be fun and enjoyable dressing up, organizing my closet, and watching Shakespeare. T'would be happy.


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