mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Luckiness Comes In A Myriad Of Ways

Just got off the phone with the woman in charge of my disability, Medi-Cal, and food stamp cases. She's reopening my food stamps case so that I can most likely get approved for it. It seems to people not aware of the full situation that I'm getting a lot of money in alimony but when my costs get added up, I'm actually broke and not able to keep my head above water.

So she's sending me a return addressed envelope with a request for my medical cost proof and once she receives that she's pretty sure I'm definitely going to get approved for food stamps pretty immediately. The rest? Still pending. But Medi-Cal would be a huge help as well. I need the financial aid that much.

I have this weekend to get all the documents ready, as well as to pay what bills I can.

My voice is going again. I'm crying a lot from a mix of physical and emotional pain. I'm trying to hold it together because I'm doing everything I can.

Talked with the dental office. They can't handle my situation. So next week they hope to have set me up with UOC (I think that's the acronym she used) for a look at my mouth and a talk of what to do. Oddly enough my social services woman turns out to have a daughter with epilepsy whose medication is doing the exact same thing and she's getting dentures. So I just heard exactly what I'll go through if they end up going that route with me. A few teeth every few weeks as it affects your heart and your immune system so they need to do it very slowly.

So much bad stuff. Scary stuff. I'm truly blessed by Chip's generosity as seeing Stephen Hawking will be a wonderful night out to a once in a lifetime event for me. And the free passes to the Comedy Central taping is another such event, if not quite as erudite. And so on. Even a visit from Mel or Carl helps so much. Or a joyride with James to various places. It's too bad there's no Dunkin Donuts closer than Las Vegas according to a search I did. I should look for a Krispy Kreme...

Okay. Time to set up fans to get air moving through the house. This is rough.


But I'm still not a lemming. I'm maintaining - even with another adrenal crisis looming.


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