mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

4th of July, 2012

Sharp pains in various areas: my left knee feels blown out again; migraine with double vision; teeth definitely reacting negatively to the double brushing; bad thoughts going in circles & teasing the migraine as it t'were. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Plans tonight to attend a local carnival with Mel & James. I've also invited a couple of others because who can turn down fresh hot funnel cake? Not me! Not before I got fat and not now. The only thing that made Atlantic City bearable was the funnel cake. That and the room service and some free video game playtime.

Looking at the feasibility and desirability of relocating to Long Beach. The biggest concern is medical, of course. But with much cheaper rent, more realistic options of buying, maybe finishing up my two-year degree, basically being close enough to LA to make jobs in the Holywood industry easy to get to for whomever I have as a roommate, it certainly does seem like I'd have a roof over my head for longer than if I stay put. Though if I get Medi-Cal and disability I'll revise that. But right now, as I look ahead, it seems like a good option for me to take seriously.

Well the migraine and jaw pain added to fry mouth and blown knee have me ready to stop this mental self discussion regarding my possible future choices. To stay or not to stay, aye, now there is a question.

Ruminate on that.


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