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From Nobody To Many Bodies

So in the insanity of having to have to ask friends for help walking the dogs for their long walk of the day, which I'm grateful for the people who are helping and are offering to help, things have definitely added to my Addison's AND my Fibromyalgia flaring up big time. Ouch, mother fucker, ouch! (sing that last sentence if you get the riff joke.)

Looking for a new roommate/caregiver has gone from zero candidates to three deserving of which two need a home sorted ASAP. And this evening brought another worthwhile candidate...I should take it down tomorrow if this keeps up.

Yes, it's a barter situation, and with their rent and utilities covered by me, I should get decent part time care in exchange. So why did somebody send me an absolutely nuts abusive email last night? Basically accused me of taking advantage etc. Nuts, I tell you! I just reported the troll's email. That's a new feature on Craigslist that is a great addition, by the way.

But of the three I've already interviewed (one's in SoCal so we spoke for an hour or so using FaceTime) the one with less urgent housing needs seems the most like a great match as a roommate and possible business partner. He's the most committed to our having a real home and his latest email really hit the nail on the head as to what I'm hoping to find in my next roommate/caregiver.

As I always say, the caregiving is the easy part to find - it's the roommate part that is difficult to get sorted.

So, if all goes as planned, hopefully I'll have an answer by Monday evening as to whom will be my next William - or, if I'm lucky, a mix of the best tween him and Erica.

There's a 60 year old retiree who's from Belize and stays partially at his ex-wife's house around the corner and partially in his van. There's a 32 year old Queen's bred and born who hopes to teach English around the world in nine months at the latest. And there's a 28 year old web designer, first generation from Mexico, who seems like a fantastic match. Both of the younger ones are lacto-ovo vegetarians, love animals, and techno savvy.

And an even younger female wrote to me tonight, a very nicely descriptive and detailed email deserving an appropriate response.

Tomorrow I may have the SoCal guy staying overnight (in the second bedroom) to see the area, hang out with me and the pets to see how we all mesh, and basically talking with me about ideas he has and thinks I can contribute to.

And then I also have an OKCupid non-date (aka platonic for whatever reason fits the various platonic non-dates I have) with a gentleman who has a primary and I think a secondary (that would be my reason for him being platonic only) tomorrow evening that I'm looking forward to. We have much in common and we've been writing back and forth for some time so I'm glad we finally seem to be able to synch our schedules.

And I'm in severe pain (8.5) so I'm off to eat something other than the organic avocado drenched in organic lemon juice, picked by Shana and squeezed by me. I've a plantain sitting in sugar-lemon water for sautéing later, some left over ravioli from "Project Open Hand", and maybe two slices of garlic toast. So far today I've had a yogurt and two small cinnamon rolls that I burnt the bottoms of because I forgot to spray the baking pan. Sigh. A lot for me!

To sum up: I've had a lot of stress, but out of nowhere I've found several people who might work as good roommates and caregivers. I'm sick and hurting, but if my friends continue to assist me I can not rush into my choice. That has only led to trouble. I'm grateful my friends are helping me. Walking my dogs, handling my errands, checking in to make sure I'm okay. It all helps and makes my life a little less overwhelming.


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