Finished watching Season Four of the new "Doctor Who" and whilst pleased Mr. R. Davies has kept interweaving things into the background to become full of meaning later on, I'm fairly pissed at the crappy sewing up of Rose (no spoilers beyond that, no worries).

I've slept most of the past few days and it's times like these when it's really freaking obvious I need a caregiver for the pets just as much as for me. Walking, feeding, caring...I can't do any of that when I'm so knackered I can merely sleep. Two days straight. The only reason he managed to get me out if bed was because of the show and all. But now I'm stuck here, in bed again, at 5:30am PST, and I just want to sleep for days and days.

I've told Raul I'm going to take him to The Melting Pot with my voucher and made our reservation for mere days before it runs out. According to the woman taking the information there's a lot of LivingSocial vouchers being used last second. I've my illness to blame but what's everybody else's excuse? Anyway, last second uses of several coming up this next couple of weeks. And I'm scared of my health - tears streaming down my face from the pain and the ever present exhaustion.

Next up? A break for the original Doctor Dalek brouhaha and maybe even "Torchwood" if Raul's innate geekiness wins out. He's a pretty good roommate and he's learning to be a good caregiver. Which for me equals good dog and cat care, along with getting our home cleaned up and organized. He does leave messes about a bit, but he tries to keep them contained. Plus he washes the sweetlings regularly (yes, even the cats).

The worst right now is my financial status. I'm definitely drowning though I'm trying to not buy anything outside of a few treats for my mental and even my physical health. The Melting Pot voucher was purchased in May, before I was in quite such bad straits. Not that it's anybody's business but I do want that clarified. For my own peace of mind. Don't need people thinking I'm kvetching at the same time I'm doing something like this voucher.

I'm really hoping I don't need to go back to hospital. But I'm sick and sleeping far more than I should be. If it doesn't ease up soon, this may require an in depth look. Again. And a breeze just came in my window, wrapping me up in its chilled arms. I've lost my heart ... and why steal from Donna her perfect love? No, Season Four could have … well, I suppose the ending could have been less corny and possessed more heart at the same time. On that note, I'm off to hope for less nausea, less pain, and more love.