Pain and nausea are beating my butt and now I'm in bed with a penicillin prescription as my tooth pulled isn't healing at the top of its capabilities.

Things at home are still settling down even more. Raul remains here and we've succeeded in forging a good roommate/caregiver dynamic. The pets appear quite satisfied with him and he has struck Alpha notes just perfectly with the dogs.

My mouth work is entering a serious period of six months of work at UCSF's Oral Surgery Hospital where dentists go to get advanced training in surgery. No students. No matter which way we plan my mouth is getting six months of work and the total after my insurance kicks in equals $6200-. Ouch isn't an adequate exclamation for what's looming.

The apartment looks a bit different, but in a good way. Raul's been helping store stuff and slowly we're developing a home that works for us both until we can afford a larger space. We're also planning on selling as many things out of my closet as we can.

There's chickens we need space outside for, dangit. And yes, Oakland allows a certain small number of chickens on small parcels. The pictures are of Carol Tavris speaking at Ohlone and my new water pipe purchase with "Jack Herer" and "Lambs Bread."

And I'm going to hope the pain eases up. Because I'm hurting. Ouch.