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Sunday Morning Musings

Mel called me from the rehab "they" placed her in. Same one as her friend she was just visiting was placed in. She doesn't remember anything, including my hospital visit, which shouldn't surprise me. I told her I think she needs help and that I love her very much but she can't ever come over again.

Then i qualified that with a maybe - after she completes a rehab treatment, but even then I don't know because I don't want her having all this temptation. I ended up crying from the stress of her call - I told her how bad it is for me with no help but I'd rather collapse than have her help when she's this sick.

However this means I'm alone, sick, and in pain.

A positive: My Mom gave me a total of $2K for my teeth as a surprise present! So UCSF has plenty for my cavities to get a good start on! Half helped is a very good thing. Plus it's a big deal that she did that.

So lots of bad (I'm sweating from the nausea/pain blend currently), but a good.

Oh! I fixed the wireless on the TV so Amazon is direct now, thanks to their partnership with Samsung. Yay! Netflix and Amazon Prime are pretty much all I need for entertainment, though I wish Amazon had closed captioning (cc) as well. If Netflix can, why can't they?

Today is a day of trying to take it easy, whilst still doing what I can to make it easier on Raul to pick up the reins. Dishwasher ran last night so later I should put away what I can. Cat litter is deadly, but more than I can handle outside of basic large clump removal.

But sweating when resting is never a good thing. I'm definitely in need of rest and recuperation today (and tomorrow and more days onward). BPG delivery is coming out of funds I shouldn't touch, but if I need medication, I need it and can't muck about with it.

And with that I'll end my musings of the morning and wish any readers a great end of the month and a fantabulous December.

2012 is ticking out slowly...


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