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I'm laying here in bed, nauseous, dizzy, trying to read if not sleep. My lungs feel weird. My female parts feel as though a UTI is heading into port. My eyes can't stop their watering. My lungs wheeze every so often.

This all has me saying outloud, albeit quietly, "Please let me die, I feel I can't take much more." I say it quietly, so as to not disturb even a hair in my home.

I've written a little more and there's still much more to be put out of my brain and into the universe on a piece of paper. Step-by-step, eh?


It doesn't distress me. I don't always comment but I do read and I do care. And I'm sitting here in pain trying not to get upset, myself...
I write back so little and much too late; but I do care. I hope you're doing better and starting to feel the joy you deserve. Honestly.