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Scripts, Stories, and Outlines

Writing a script for a tv show based off my first 30 years could be written as a comedy with hyper-melodrama that might sound made up, but generally isn't. For the first two decades of my adult life I heard non-stop that I needed to write my autobiography because it is so messed up. Things that might fit in an "Arrested Development" sort of way. Or some of the better "30 Rock" life scenes. Hell, Tina Fey works with a solid team and can pratfall with some of the can the guy in both of those series.

Heck, my sister and my ex-husband sort of could see the me in the lead only if I'll be able to handle laughing, with others even, at myself. Does the fact I'm politically well to the left of Liz Lemon. I'm not as quickly witty. I think a relationship can be had without it being weird once you're third cousins or further - especially if you didn't grow up together.

But that's coming from a woman who married a guy who turned into such an asinine jerk that he didn't even send alimony on time just because it landed on my birthday. I had to write to him twice to get that fixed. Just really depressing if I let myself think about it because I still love the man I met and was with for the better part of a decade. Even though he treats me like the dirt beneath his shoes.

Called Chip today. Talking on the phone, or really at all, hurts and exacerbates the pain in my mouth so we only spoke for about 25 minutes. He sent me two huge gorgeous cards. One for my birthday and the other for Valentine's Day. Both had personal notes that made me feel I am a special person in his life. Something I need and appreciate receiving.

Need to think very hard about my living situation, how to improve it and what I need to do in order to move forward in a healthy manner, in multiple ways. And work on both a proposal and a script outline. It's halfway there.


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