mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

What's In A Certain Persons Past? Part 1

<u>People, Places, Things</u>
  • Gothic Raver, or Graver

  • Ex-husband 13 years younger - 10 years together - Left me after I got fat and was hospitalized for ten days

  • Love of Transgender and desire to become male (possible due to "Liz Lemon" sexual issue tendencies)

  • I think "30 Rock" ended mostly perfectly what with Kenneth indeed being an immortal and Liz Lemon's granddaughter pitching the show's concept and her following in her grandmother's footsteps and "Rural Juror" ended with Jenna showing she can seriously act and sing and yes that's a current thought process

  • Managed a glass blowing studio in Santa Rosa, CA

  • Life-long ethical lacto-ovo vegetarian

  • Current user and grower of licensed medical marijuana

  • A Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Miniature Dachshund are loved by me and my ex-husband's cat is still with me, the allergic one - he refuses to help care for - I just don't want her at all

  • In eight months I went from weighing 105 pounds to 215 pounds - I hate and detest myself now but no working adrenal function? Stick fat causing steroids on so if the pain doesn't make me want to die - the ugliness I see in the mirror does

  • Believe fervently in Legally Assisted Death a la "Soylent Green" version and would say "Yes, thank you" to a doctors offer to help me achieve death

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Love singing and played a singer on and off most of my life - yay, immer essen!

  • Addison's Disease

  • Modeled for High Society and a few other fetish print and web sites starting in 1993 through 2008

  • Lived in UK 1997-1998
  • @
  • Started own (failed) erotica web site in 2006

  • Member of online communities like OKCupid and FetLife

  • Ex-Model as Molly Black

  • Ex-Photographer as Dr Molly Black

  • Never met biological ex-neurosurgeon father

  • Adopted veterinarian father stays out of my life normally - and doesn't really help when asked or needed

  • Mother has multiple degrees and no interest in helping usually - Volatile relationship with severe ups and downs

  • Moved to NYC summer of 1989

  • Moved to Boston fall of 1989 with ex-boyfriend/bandmate

  • Moved to SF in Sept 1991

  • Fatal car accident with only one surviver when roommate fell asleep at the wheel and car owner was crushed in flipped car

  • Adopted father had affair with married receptionist

  • Mother fell in love with receptionists husband

  • Entire family, including their two children (a year older than each of us), moved in with us.

  • Gorgeous Doctor Sister in TX - Volatile relationship

  • A radical atheist and a Vonnegut-ian socialist with humanist trappings

  • About ready to store everything in order to bring about radical change - RV cross-country living? Yes, maybe as much fun as a sleeper train trip, even

I'm definitely open to ideas from anybody who knows me so far as things I've done, seen, or accomplished that are unique if told in my voice/perspective. Make it reality tv worthy or something you've always thought I should throw in my autobiography or what have you. Does missing Galapagos due to my illness count? Or having my husband come into our room to ask for a condom to have sex with our mutual friend? Granted I'd said ok earlier, but the request for condoms brought it right in front of my face and that wasn't cool.

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