mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

420 4:20 4/20 etc.

Today's sort of a celebration of the rights of at least the sick and disabled to use medical marijuana for things like nausea, inability to eat, pain, and more.

It works for me, even though I can't afford it - something that I'm struggling through whilst waiting for things to grow and change.

I'm not very thrilling, but if anybody wants to help me celebrate, I'm home for the day, relaxing on a day that my dogs want outside. Whine whine whine - that's all I'm hearing currently. Probably because the noise of Raul and his guest getting ready for their day and beyond in SF today. I'm jealous too, but my dogs don't hear me whining.

Any friends around that feel like chilling? I'm dealing with some severe pain and Addison's splash back - along with stabby tummy so I'm more of a passenger along for the ride.

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