mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Just call me butch disabled…

I'm feeling close to collapse, but the damned Prius Shawn left behind was not working. So guess what I did since I was utterly alone? That's correct! I jumped it all by myself. Granted I'm moving only my fingers currently. But the car works again. Still have no money to register it and each month just adds more to this vehicular nightmare. To look at this realistically, I mean.

How to help? Buy my Wii and everything it comes with. You can't have a more perfect present for your whole family with the variety of games, including the wonderful Wii Fit! That way everybody wins. I can pay to register the car Shawn dumped on me (now the cat has a great home, why not other stuff he dumped on me?) and the system he left can pay for the car, kind of.

It's nuts that I've only managed to not financially collapse due to the money that should have been my savings getting used up taking care of a lot of things that my ex just dumped on me. How can I still care for such a cruel and mean person? Well, I still love many who I could tar with the same brush. Though the person who tops my list isn't any of that - he's a gentleman.

On that note, I'm still proud that physical illnesses be damned, I singlehandedly successfully jumpstarted the Prius.

Somebody out front is making "scary" (to Ein) noises so I'm going to move more than merely my fingers and watch a bit of TV with my doggie Sweetlings and let tomorrow be a very whatever day and tonight can just be a list making night. For instance: The compost needs removal STAT. :-/


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