The past weekend can't really be summed up in a public forum. But today?

Raul not returning until 7pm, I had to pull my walker off the stairs and walk the dogs twice today. The mail taunted me and I opened up two bills from my three week hospital stay: Over $33,000 I'm at this point owing according to them, and that's allegedly after the first insurance pass.

My left hip is stabbing pain and it's causing me to involuntary cry out when I move. Not sure whether the ER is in my near future.

This weekend did show me two positive things: I'd make a great foster care mother and my dogs are amazingly well trained and pretty dang happy.

My mind has far too much input to process. Tomorrow has many things and the next is therapy and the next is endocrine and then should I drive with a sharing the cost female to Las Vegas to stay with Chip and see Kitty and others?