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Drama Free? Dreaming!

My Kickstarter project preview is here for comments and ideas. I put it down as a webisode to DVD project, but I'm seriously game for anything. Want to see me go around the world for different healthcare options? Would you like to be the artist for my already outlined sci-fi conspiracy novel which could be transformed to a graphic novel? Draw for a collaborative children's book? Direct me in a documentary of your choice of viewpoints regarding bullying, emotionally destructive childhoods, medical illnesses, opioids for pain control and the hell of them, the USA health system, what a person at my age who is definitely disabled but has no income and no way of getting disability due to the system is supposed to do, and more! The great thing about being so screwed up is I'm easy to manipulate for your own personal agenda.

I'm not even joking.

There is also my charity on

If I could have more pain free days, I'd take them happily. But I don't. If I could work, I would. But I can't. Just the yard sale last Saturday kicked my butt so hard I was out all of Sunday, most of Monday, and most of Tuesday. And even selling jewelry for much less than it's real worth, I only scraped together $80-. Even Chip admitted it hardly seems worth the energy.

The situation with my Medi-Cal completely screwing both Raul and me isn't easy to explain and LJ already erased my description that was full of everything I could say without getting too personal. But it's bad. Just as I do not get a penny of disability even though I've proved over and over I'm as sick as I am. No income outside of alimony. Now my IHSS has been wrongfully removed. The government now says I get more income than I get, and that instead of my medical expenses and such going up after my stay in Stanford Hospital, they're decreasing. And I'm supposed to pay out of pocket far more than anybody could afford in my situation.

What's even more screwed up is that there are three checks that Raul just received that should have been around $500 each, but they're zeroed out. He's holding on to them in a kind of resentful rage. And even if my appeal goes well that money is never going to Raul. Apparently there's no retroactive payment of any kind. The government keeps that $1500- and Raul has no money to buy food.

There's no feelings of guilt on my part. But I'm not going to go into those private things now.

Please pass my videos, links, and story to those who may be in a position to help. Maybe you know an artist looking for a writer. Or have an idea for appropriate thank you gifts for the different amounts of money donated. I'm stuck in bed or my couch most of the day/night, so please consider that when offering ideas.

There's a way for me to do projects. I merely request input.

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