I still have all the releases and close to a dozen women, two to three sets apiece. Ten models I shot. There's a lot of mid-quality range, but a few diamonds with at least each woman. Calendar? Tabletop book? It's not X-rated, there's sexy nakedness, but Dr. Molly Black worked only with the form. No spreads, etc.

Anyways, I've a ridiculous amount of beautiful sets, I can't see myself taking more series currently what with being sick and drained all the time. Pushing through it merely means I lose the next few days completely. Or end up back in the ER.

There's a new video up on YouTube by me today. I blather on and on, but it's for trying to connect to people and I hadn't written a script I wanted to use, so off the cuff I spoke about, well you can see for yourself. It's only four minutes.

Things have turned out about as bad as I don't want to deal with, but my roommate, Raul, and I both are trying to stand it. How could somebody I trusted with my life turn into somebody I'm afraid of? The world is far too overwhelming. People either too cruel or too apathetic to understand, and the few that aren't, have the rest of the world to contend with.

Enough. It's severe depression bad, yes, but I can suffer through another day. Here I go.