mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Chugging Along, Avoidance Style

I'm trying to develop my voice as a writer and video blogger, and it's difficult. Pacing and all that doesn't work so well if you have difficulty memorizing your words. You have to try so much harder. In this day and age a teleprompter makes doing semi-on-the-fly stories better because your eyes are getting the data in such a speed and way to cause the performance have more of a flow. At least so far that has been my experience.

So here's my latest YouTube video. Fresh from a few hours ago. I actually put a title screen in place this time to see how it looked, I liked it and left it. It's semi-autobiographical, but I won't say what. Not currently, anyway.

I'm feeling like perhaps I can even do a little actual editing.

Today I briefly met Raul's sister and her family. This could mean a change if he decides to move out. But that's just realistic. Things just feel as though if rent and utilities weren't eating every dime that's not needed for medication and even food, I could feel content. But those other issues - those serious financial ones - keep that feeling far away. And then when I do shut my brain up long enough to rest, my pain monster reminds me why I'm in this hole. Can't work due to pain etc., but that doesn't make the situation ever any different.


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