mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Friday Night, On The Couch, Experience - 2013

Emotions are weird currently. Not manic style, more just oddly angled so I feel better in a not quite in my own skin way.

I'm incredibly BORED. Yet I'm feeling more "up" than I have in months. Maybe years. The only thing I can contribute it to is the methadone starting to really leave my mental system. The nurses with experience said it could take up to a year for me to feel "normal" again, but it feels as though I'm continually only beginning to understand what they were getting at.

My next YouTube video about is going to be about this aspect of the withdrawal experience. Heck, modified, that could start my script.

Watching comedy tonight to try and keep that cheerful feeling, though I should start writing and recording so that I can update tonight.

My laptop keeps jumping the cursor from where it should be to a random spot on the screen so I need to cut this shorter than I had planned.
Tags: methadone withdrawal process, writing

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