mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Are People That Stupid?!?

Somebody I've known since 1998 wrote me he thinks I'm not really disabled. That if I was then I'd obviously not need financial help because...and I do not lie...then I'd be getting disability and not need to beg for help.

I am disabled. My car plates and window tag say so, my Medi-Cal IHSS approved hours for care are nearly 100 hours a month, and my GP and endocrinologist and psychiatrist all agree. But I was denied disability* from the US government not due to lack but due to their judges disagreement that I became disabled when still allowed disability* - there's no truth, but I can't fight it anymore. But they agree I'm disabled. The room where I did my hearing held two other impartial folk and they agreed I couldn't work. In front of my ex. So a findable witness.

*as in money from disability

Furthermore, I'm in need of help and it really freaks me out that people think I'm lazy and surrounding myself with sycophants and such. My response is "Hardly."

At this point I shouldn't have to defend myself, especially to people who allegedly know me and my situation. To realize that there are truly oblivious folk who think if you're legally disabled you're touched with a magic brush that makes all your financial troubles go away. But the reality is much more grim. Many people in my situation end up in Section 8 scary housing, if they get any housing at all. Many end up homeless, unable to get the help and care they need. This is, unfortunately, the terrible truth about the sick and needful of help in my home, the US of A.

There's more, but I must stop this touch typing on this tiny screen. In fact I have a bit more to say on this topic, because it truly breaks my heart to find out just how messed up some people can be. No wonder they're some of the meanest (both meanings) I've ever met?

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