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Personal Test, Or Testie

My subject header relates to the new term "Selfie" - first discovered by me this past weekend. Self portraits have been around for millennia. Not decades or centuries, but millennia. So I'm seriously officially old because it's a stupid contraction of a definition, and I'm pointing out that it's dumb.

That's old, right? Not when your wrinkles or gray hair start, that's a dumb bar because I've known people to gray or wrinkle fairly young. But getting annoyed by stupid new words to describe not a fad, but an actual longstanding tradition, of which self portraits are definitely long standing? That's worse than jazz at 25.

Anyway, the point of this post is a self administered test: When you're watching a show or playing a game, do you smile or laugh without an audience? A quick smile at a successful game of solitaire/minesweeper/tetris etc., or a laugh out loud at something funny on TV? That makes you a happy in self type of person. You don't need a person to smile at, nor are you inhibited in that you can laugh and not need a person to laugh in front of.

Check. See if your alone time brings bright involuntary smiles, and if not, why so serious?

Ps: I've been vomiting close to every day for a while now, and I even blacked out Sunday afternoon. No insurance has me checking with my GP over the phone to see what I should try next. If you have health insurance and think the ACA is all evil or think the shutdown a great thing, remove me please.

With it in place I can get insurance again, and at a cheaper cost than my COBRA of over $555- USD/month, and that can really help a person. Especially a very sick person. So I'm a strong backer of even this pretty bad version of "ObamaCare" - and it drives me nuts to watch, feeling helpless.

That's a sad thought right there: Since this extended vomiting bout has me floored I'm feeling more helpless than usual and it does not make staying in a happy place easy. But that brings me back to heading to my hardest level of Freecell or mahjong and playing each board until I win fair and square and I catch a smile popping up.

So it's okay. Difficult. Scary. Painful. But I'm laughing and smiling, so I can make it one more day.

Tags: funny, getting old, self portraits, selfies, smile, via ljapp

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