mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

Why Not?

I've had an online presence since 1996, and an online journal or blog since October 1996. It's all documented that I was using the online world just starting to grow as a diary, as well as an early form of social networking.

So where's my book deal and/or TV series based on my adventures since starting? I'm terrible at self-editing, but I've a ridiculous amount of well documented adventures.

Some of my memories of experiences I appreciate: Burning Man 1995. Best new bakery in Boston Magazine back when I was head baker at Cezanne. Friends covered head to toe in herpes. Singing with Magnetic Fields. Working for a company owned, run, and staffed by 99% Scientologists. Dating a musician with a number one indie single in the UK. Family with wholly bizarre sleeping arrangements. Bullying bad enough to cause a long life struggling with suicidal urges. Surviving a fatal car accident by pure luck. The bands I've seen, the places I've been. Tripping on LSD in Paris and wandering the streets with a Sun upper muckity-muck programmer and his friend. Tripping in Dublin and having a stereotypical crazy drunk jealous ex-girlfriend of a guy I wasn't interested in come at me in the streets.

Meeting my ex-husband in the manner I did.

I'm tired and I'm going to deal with this later. But my life needs to change, and soon. There has to be a way.

Tags: journaling, online presence, via ljapp
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