I'm busy trying to reset my life now that I'm off the pain killers and just high on pain (I mean LIFE), and writing my 90s based series is omnipresent even at the most distracted of times. So when out of nowhere the darling Aba of my life sent this message:

"Subject: Music that melts my 1991 Bonnie Doon heart

Listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjd5POJwn8o&sns=em

Do u remember? Ha! We can't forget. Keep the faith, my friends! Love/Light"

to a group of around a dozen of us from the "old days" it wasn't that surprising when Josh responded with:

"I'll see you Hypnosis and raise you a deep inside.



Then somebody I don't know personally responded with:
"Personal fav from the day. Word.


Funnily enough I'm currently working on a gift from the heart which is handmade and so I had this at the ready:

"And I bring you what some consider the very beginning of the whole sampling/dance craze (they certainly were threatened with a lot of law suits):


Love to you all!"

This led to Shardaun bringing this to the table:

"well, here is one of the first songs I remember hearing in the mixes in 1990!

keepin it real"

That brought this out of somebody else:

"Questionably the best techno DJ of all time...what he was doing in 94 makes me tingle......I moved to sf in 96 and expanded to house...its held the test of time.... Word.


Which then led me to send this:

"Sorry to do this to all of you, but most of you I know from our shared past, and those who don't remember me, apologies for bothering you but the song that was my next step into the world of rave music was this one heard at a club in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire one long drive from Boston (Josh, this was right before we met but after Aba and Shardaun and even Chaz): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSTBFZ-To2E

Hope you enjoy it. And much love to you all!"

The final send of the day was this:

"Thanks Molly.
If we are going down this road, let's get this party started.


Hopefully this shared experience between us all is something that you'll find interesting. These mark the days of the Full Moon Raves at places like Half Moon Bay and beyond by the Wicked Sound System here in the Bay Area. Some of these are just reminders of where it all came from originally. But for the most part? It's all about the shared experience and the shared love.

And that's where the heart of my stories must live.